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Handmade Steampunk jewellery, each unique piece is designed and carefully made.Handmade Steampunk Jewellery Gift Box

Each piece comes to life as it is made, there are no pre-designed plans.  I start off with a general idea, perhaps something I have seen on Pinterest or whilst searching through Google Images.  That initial idea takes on a life of its own, turning into the piece that you see for sale.  A lot of my inspiration comes from the wonderful Steampunk Jewellery designers already out there. I have shared some of their amazing work on my Pinterest account.

The jewellery you see on this website is not part of a huge stock of mass manufactured products. That is why you can only buy each piece individually. I may make more of the same design, but definitely not in bulk and definitely always by hand!

I am adding new products regularly as and when I design a new piece, so please check back regularly for more designs. If you have a specific design in mind that you would like specially commissioned or would like to alter chain lengths on any of the existing pieces, please contact me to discuss it further.
Each jewellery piece is supplied in a hand finished gift box and delivery is free in the UK.

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